Octagon First Call

About First Call

Our team helps brands, their agencies and nonprofit organizations by assessing the business value of celebrities, negotiating smart partnerships and activating each program. We provide fast and accurate information and recommend talent based on many factors including their relevance, points of differentiation and cost. The results of our work are seen as television commercials, webisodes, publicity programs, YouTube posts, celebrity seeding, social media campaigns, hospitality, corporate speaking, promotional sweepstakes and more. We challenge ourselves every step of the way to think cleverly, creatively and efficiently for our clients. We pride ourselves on being available 24/7, listening to all involved and turning problems into opportunities. I hope you enjoy our thinking.

Sizzle Reel

David Schwab in his DC office.

What We Do

First Call is the celebrity acquisition and engagement arm of Octagon. We work closely with brands and celebrities alike. For brands, we determine the value of celebrities and negotiate favorable marketing partnerships for them. This includes celebrity strategy, negotiation, management & analysis, which are 24/7 responsibilities that we excel at.

How We Do It

    • Review Brand Identity & Program Goals
    • Define/prioritize program objectives
    • Understand brand attributes/identity
    • Determine timeline, program tactics
    • Create Campaign Criteria
    • Discuss celebrity value vs. budget
    • Identify initial talent list
    • Identify Appropriate Candidates
    • Conduct research, competitive analysis & due diligence
      on talent candidates
    • Recommend talent & value-added ideas
    • Negotiate, Execute & Analyze
    • Refine terms based on brand selection
    • Make offer and negotiate
    • Manage and analyze final program