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Headlines, Trends and Deals from Around the Web: Jan 23-27


  • CoverGirl, Olay, Venus + Grammys = Grammy Glam Event: PRNewsWire
  • Erox + Adrianne Curry: PRNewsWire
  • Candies + Lea Michelle: PRNewsWire
  • LL Bean + National Parks to celebrate 100th birthday: MediaPost
  • Jeanette McCurdy, Nathan Kress + Ariana Grande + St. Jude Math-A-Thon sweepstakes: PRNewsWire
  • Country Financial + Trace Adkins: PRNewsWire
  • Kellie Pickler + Fresh Step cat litter: PRNewsWire
  • Rickie Fowler + Cobra Golf: PRNewsWire
  • DiGiorno + Jay Mohr: PRNewsWire

 Super Bowl:

  • Audi releases SB spot: PRNewsWire
  • More SB commercials released (Audi + ?): THR
  • Super Bowl parties to break records: MediaPost
  • What A-B has planned for SB: AdAge
  • Coca-Cola has two versions of SB ad: AdAge
  • KIA Super Bowl commercial feat: Adriana Lima, Motley Crue, Chuck Liddell: PRNewsWire
  • Interview: Why Animals Rock The Super Bowl: MediaPost
  • Super Bowl gets a social media command center: Mashable
  • Best Super Bowl ads ever via AdAge
  • Chevy SB commercial: social + global: MediaPost


  • Complete list of Oscar Nominations (#OscarNoms): THR
  • Meryl Streep to narrate 3D IMAX documentary To The Arctic: PRNewsWire


  • Kim Kardashian to appear on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva: PRNewsWire
  • FOX’s Touch strikes global deal with Unilever for marketing: AdAge



  • Obama’s rendition bumps Al Green’s ‘Lets Stay Together’ sales by 490%: THR
  • Ben Folds announces return of Ben Folds Five: Perez
  • Interview/article about Skrillex (DJ): NYTimes
  • Florence + The Machine releases Spring Tour Dates: PRNewsWire
  • Amy Winehouse’s dad announces plans for memorial concert: THR
  • All about Avicii: USAToday

 Marketing Biz: 

  • MillerCoors signs multiyear deal w/ NASCAR: MediaPost
  • Interesting read about McDonalds hashtag fiasco… might be interesting to share with clients: MediaPost
  • Gannett (USA Today parent) acquired Fantasy Sports Ventures including Big Lead Sports: MediaPost
  • Google Offers expands to 5 more cities: Mashable
  • Amazon weighs separate video streaming service to rival Netflix: THR
  • News Corp is teaming up with a Colombian TV station to develop new hispanic station: WSJ
  • General Mills ties into Star Wars 3D release: MediaPost
  • Macy’s unveils 9th “Go Red” (fight against heart disease) celebration: MediaPost
  • Starbucks to expand outlets serving beer/wine: MediaPost
  • Many products vie for product placement on Modern Family – few make it: AdAge
  • MetroPCS gets into sports: MediaPost
  • TWC launches iPhone app: MediaPost

 Interesting Reads:

  • Are you Learning as fast as the world is changing? HBR
  • Train your brain to focus: HBR
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